AARP GAMES an influential role to the brain health

The AARP or the American Association of Retired Persons has a dedicated space in its official website where visitors cap play games meant for enhancing brain health. These games are called as aarp games and are immensely popular all over the world with people of all age groups.


The human grain is like any other organ in your body whose health can be cared for with the right diet, exercise3 and thought process. Just like how we hit the gym to sculpt our body muscles, the word is now witnessing the advent of a new breed of gyms called brain gyms’ which are specifically designed to promote and improve brain health for those who are in need of it. The aarp games have been designed and developed in such a way that they help individuals think at great speeds and allows them to focus for lnger hours without losing their attention. In addition to that the aarp games also play a vital role in increasing the memory capacity of those who play them for a prolonged period of time.


What makes the aarp games so special and amazing are that they are backed up by several years, if not, decades of proven scientific research at the detailed experimentation. The world’s top neuroscientist and brain fitness experts converge together at the headquarters of AARP to design these games with great dedication and study. Hence, you can place absolute faith in aarp games to improve your brain’s health by a significant margin when practiced on a regular basis.

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Top brain games offered by AARP

The following are the some of the top aarp games which you can play in order to elevate the fitness levels of your brain. Though they might look simple at plaint sight, you will need a great deal of focus, thinking power and attention to solve them. If you lack these abilities, then these aarp games will help you achieve them in a short span of time.

  • Countdown – This game is based on math it is aimed at improving your mental calculation and the processing skills of your brain when it comes to making decisions involving several steps. The basic rule of this game is that you should make use combination of the standard math functions like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division to arrive at the target answer.
  • The Right Word – This game improves your English vocabulary and also your memory at the same time. All you need to do is match the given words with their corresponding definitions in the right manner. As you progress, the words get tougher and may look familiar with one another making it tougher for you to decide which is right answer. In addition to that, the aarp games also play a vital role in increasing the memory capacity of those who play them for a prolonged period of time.
  • The Squeaking Mouse – The brain is responsible for your visual and auditory memory and you can improve them with the help of this game. You will be made to hear the sounds made by various animals and you have to correctly identify to which animal the sounds you heard belong to. You can determine the level of complexity of the game by selecting the number of sounds which you would like to hear to.

The list of aarp games related to the brain is long and exhaustive. The above mentioned games give only a small glimpse at what you can experience when you visit the actual website. To experience the actual gameplay ou need to visit the website and try it out by yourself. But aarp games are not the only source through which you can exercise your brain. These are plenty of other free online games which also provide you with the opportunity of keeping your brain healthy.

Games like FreeCell, Spider, Sudoku, Eggz and mahjongg are available for free in the internet just like aarp games and they can be played infinite number of times. These games are very much similar to aarp games in the way that they consume a large chunk of your brain’s processing power in order to process large volumes of data. This allows you to stay attentive for longer periods of time when playing such games. To explain in simple words equate aarp games to steroids and your brain as the body which receives those steroids. When a body receives steroids, you can witness a gradual increase in physical stamina and endurance levels which makes it possible for the individual to excel in physically demanding activities like long distance running and weight lifting. The same can be said of the human brain. The more aarp games you expose it to, the better will be its stamina and endurances levels.

The introduction of aarp games has created awareness among the public on the importance of possessing a healthy brian. This awareness will help spread the benefits of aarp games to the younger generation so that they can take advantage of it from an early age and maximize its potential. If you can dedicate at least a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes per day towards playing aarp games, your brain will be guaranteed of the exercise it requires for healthy functioning. Extensive studies have shown that aarp games have the ability to reduce the signs of aging in humans and make the look younger beyond their actual age. Dyslexia, a brain disorder that make individuals slow learners, can be cured to a certain extend by exposing them to aarp games. Hence is has been proved beyond doubt that aarp games are capable of getting the best out of human brains by making them function at the highest level even during old age. So start cultivation the habit of making your loved ones and children play aarp games so that they can look ahead to a brighter future which is free from any health deficiencies related to the brain.

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AARP games play an influential role in enhancing the brain health of the aged The fact that brain’s functioning deteriorated with age is something that is beyond our control. But what is in our control is that we have the ability to determine how much deterioration can take place to our brain’s functioning as we age.

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